New TrainMore Gym in Amsterdam Noord

News • 23 December 2021

Finally, it’s time. On the 13th of December TrainMore Noord opened its doors. It is the 10th TrainMore in Amsterdam, which is already a huge milestone.

The grand opening of this new location will be all about working out and the other aspects the brand consists of; Art, Music & Icons. A tattoo artist will offer free stick & poke tattoos, accompanied by a DJ pumping tunes and of course you can refreshen up after your workout with a delicious Hard Seltzer.

TrainMore, with 19 clubs across the Netherlands, is well known because of its unique concept that it rewards its members with a €1,- discount per workout. Marjolijn Meijer, CEO: “The heart and soul of TrainMore is in Amsterdam, where we really feel at home. Here we have the most locations and the urban characteristics match our brand. In particular, Noord is a place that is close to our core values and therefore we are glad we can celebrate the opening this way. Working out, feeling at home, and having fun, that’s what it’s all about at TrainMore.

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