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We’ve been pushing the boundaries of what we can do to empower our community to get the most out of themselves.

Business academy


Within the urban gym group, we find personal development very important. Through various training provided by the UGG, we aim to develop numerous skills consisting of leadership, hospitality, sales, interpersonal skills and much more. We offer continuous training sessions throughout the year, and all employees of all levels can be involved.


HIGH academy


Only the best is good enough at the Urban Gym Group (UGG). For this reason, we invest in our coaches and are always aiming for them to reach their full potential. Of course, this all starts with constant improvement. This all begins with our Academy!

UGG Academy is the place where good trainers become elite coaches. In every academy, 15 trainers are carefully selected through rigorous auditions. These 15 will enter a 6-week intense training program with two trainings a week of four hours a day.

After successfully completing the final audition at the end of the academy, they officially become part of the team, and from then on, they can proudly call themselves UGG coaches.


HIGH STUDIOS is a high-intensity fitness boutique that offers strength and cardio experiences. They operate with four studios in Amsterdam and 11 shop-in-shops in the TrainMore facilities across The Netherlands. In Amsterdam Oost, you’ll find their first studio that contains three formulas: HIGH HIIT, HIGH RIDE (cycle) and HIGH FLOW (hot power yoga). We offer 200+ classes for all levels. Without boasting, we dare to say it's the best workout in town!


Our signature HIGH STUDIOS workouts include interval treadmill routines and strength training that are proven to ramp up participants’ metabolism, so their body burns calories for hours afterwards. With endless variations, this format will never get boring.


At HIGH RIDE, we will climb, sprint and ride to the beat, and in every session, our rockstar trainer will push the riders to their limits in 45 minutes. We focus on a powerful foundation of form, technique and rhythm, where we first inspire your mind to then transform your body.


Amsterdam’s first hot yoga class is based on dropping beats and dripping sweat. See, this isn’t the average yoga studio; at HIGH FLOW, it’s all about turning up the music and winding down participants’ mind as we bring them a 45-minute, beat-based yoga session practiced at 32 degrees.

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